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Christmas Lights

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Derrick Pedranti’s Tips For Holiday Lighting

This website outlines some of Derrick Pedranti’s helpful tips for holiday lighting for Christmas, Halloween and year round. An outdoor decoration enthusiast, Derrick enjoys setting up lights in his yard.

I’ve always loved the great outdoors. I enjoy hiking and spending time out in Mother Nature. When I got married and made a home for my family, my interest in the great outdoors changed a bit. I discovered an interest in holiday lighting.

Purchasing holiday lights can get pricey so I cover how to find some great deals to save you some money. I also discuss how to preserve the decorations you purchase for years and years to come.

Personally I find taking the time to put up holiday lights and decorations to be very relaxing. Much like gardening or playing a musical instrument, it’s a great way to take your mind off any stress from the day. And it’s especially rewarding if you have little ones — the looks on their faces makes it worth all the time and effort.

Whether it’s Fall Harvest Time, Christmas Wintertime or just any part of the year you wish to celebrate, I hope you find my recommendations helpful in your future outdoor lighting endeavors.

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Derrick Pedranti