Year-Round Outdoor Lighting Tips From Derrick Pedranti

Outside the holiday season why not enjoy outdoor lights year-round.  Here are some of Derrick Pedranti’s recommendations for making your front yard or backyard a little more pleasant throughout the year:

  • Hang bulb string lights around any lattices. If you’ve installed cup hooks to hang holiday lights then you can use these to hang your year-round lights. If not, consider installing cup hooks to make hanging lights much easier during the holiday and throughout the year. They come in different colors which helps them to blend in.
  • Consider flood lights or better yet, LED lights at the base of your trees to make them shine at night. LEDs cost more upfront but they last much longer and use a lot less energy. LEDs help the environment and can save you money on your energy bills.
  • Get a good timer to automatically turn on and shut off the lights so you don’t have to manually do this every day.
  • For any outdoor outlets that are exposed to the elements including rain, have your electrician install a weatherproof outlet covers to help prevent a shortage.

I hope these recommendations can help make you home shine a little brighter throughout the year.

Thank you,

Derrick Pedranti